Frequently Asked Questions


  • What types of loans does Quickstop offer?

    Answer is: We offer 3 types of loans. These include salary deduction, over the counter payment loans and Title loans.
  • What is the interest?

    Our interest is 4%. But, we charge an additional service fee that varies depending on the loan type, loan length and amount borrowed.
  • What’s the maximum amount you lend?

    We don’t have a set maximum amount that we lend. The maximum amount a customer can get varies depending on each customer’s Credit Limit. Since we don’t take collateral, we ask that customer’s  build a credit history with us in order to access their individual maximum offer or amount.
  • How much do you give for first-time loan offers?

    The amount you receive on your first loan is calculated by our lending system. It varies but we try our best to meet your needs.
  • Why does a system need to decide the amount that I receive?

    Using a system has many benefits. A system helps for the adjudication process to be quicker and more efficient.  In addition it removes any issues in relation to favoritism.
  • How can I get more than my current credit limit?

    You can get an increase in your credit limit by:

    • Proof of increase in income
    • Continuing to make new loans and pay them off on time

  • Is Quick Stop associated with JL’s?

    No, JL’s and Quick Stop are two different companies.
  • Who owns Quick Stop?

    Quick Stop is a private company owned by shareholders.
  • Can I get a loan at any Quick Stop Branch?

    Yes you can. We have 5 locations for your convenience. In addition, you can make payments to our Scotia Bank Bill Pay Account at any Scotia Bank Branch location in Belize. All you would need to do is provide the bank with your “QS” identification number.

    Our branch location include:

    • Belmopan City – Capital Garden Plaza Constitution Drive, Belmopan City
    • San Ignacio – #18 Joseph Andrew Drive, San Ignacio Town
    • Belize City – #81 North Front Street, Belize City
    • Orange Walk – #48 Queen Victoria Ave, Orange Walk Town
    • San Pedro – Paz Plaza, Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro Town